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Adult Group Dancing Lesson

You're comfortable on a board & want to learn longboard dancing steps or improve existing skills.

Service Description

Lesson Content: This session will cover longboard dancing fundamentals such as carving and get you familiar with key steps, ultimately creating sequences to bring these steps together. If you are already familiar with longboard dancing then this class will guide you to develop more complex sequences, perhaps incorporating freestyle tricks and most importantly find YOUR style and flow. Equipment and safety: Please bring your board if you have one. Longboard dancing is typically done on a longer board so if you'd like to try one let me know. I have lots of options to lend you, just indicate that you'd like to borrow a board in the booking form. To feel confident when learning it's recommended to wear protective gear, including helmets, knee pads, and elbow and wrist guards. Please bring your own but if you're struggling to find some then let me know and we can sort you out. In advance of the session please sign the compulsory waiver via the booking form. Lesson Time, Duration and Frequency: Adult beginner group lessons typically last 60 minutes. Please try to arrive 10 minutes before the session to maximise time on the board rather than putting on protections. You can book a one-off or recurring session(s). Your teacher: My name is Danielle and after cruising for 4 years, my longboarding kicked up a gear when I found longboard dancing. It's now my number one passion and my true longboard love. Having been a ballet dancer all my life I am now trying to incorporate traditional dance elements with my skating and I love helping people find their style. I co-founded @BristolGirlsLongboard, a women's skate community in 2020 and I also work part-time at Vandem Longboard Shop in Bristol. I'm staff for Longboard Girls Crew UK and Longboard Girls Crew Global. Let's get rolling :)

  • 1 h
  • 20 British pounds
  • Daveside|Ashton Gate Stadium |Millenium Square|Trenchard Street Car Park

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