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Adult Group Foundations & Improvers

If you’ve never stepped on a board before or want to improve existing skills this class is for you!

Service Description

Age and Skill Level: Lessons are for adults of ALL ages (it's never too late to learn something new) so whether you’ve never stepped on a board before or want to improve existing skills this class will be for you. Lesson Content: We'll cover fundamental longboarding techniques, including balancing, carving, and braking via fun games. If you're already familiar with these or as you progress we can also try some dancing and freestyle steps or whatever you'd like to learn. Classes are small with a maximum of 5 people to make sure everyone gets 1:1 attention and feedback. I will film you during the class so we can analyse your stance and form and make changes quickly. This is also a brilliant way to look back at your progress (and I wish someone had done it for me!). After the session, I will send you a recap of what we've discussed, your footage and any other tips and tricks mentioned. Equipment and safety: Please bring your board if you have one :) If not, I have lots of options to lend you, just indicate this in the booking form. All participants are required to wear protective gear, including helmets, knee pads, elbow and wrist guards. Please bring your own but if you're struggling to find some then let me know and we can sort you out. These are really to give you confidence. In advance of the session please sign the compulsory waiver via the booking form. Lesson Time, Duration and Frequency: Adult beginner group lessons typically last 60 minutes. You can book a one-off session or a pack of classes. The initial session gets you going with basics like pushing, carving, and braking and builds confidence; I highly recommended to keep the momentum and book in another session(s) within a few weeks or the next month once you've practised to top-up technique and get you comfortable trying out new skills such as dancing or pump track! Your teacher: My name is Danielle and I LOVE longboarding 🛹 I co-founded @BristolGirlsLongboard, a women's skate community 3 years ago and I also work part-time at Vandem Longboard Shop in Bristol. I'm staff for Longboard Girls Crew UK and Longboard Girls Crew Global. Let's get rolling :)

  • 1 h
  • 20 British pounds
  • Daveside|Ashton Gate Stadium |Millenium Square

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