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Beginner Snowboarding for Longboarders
Beginner Snowboarding for Longboarders
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Whether you're a longboarding pro curious about snow or a complete newcomer to both sports, our experienced instructors will be there to teach you everything you need to know.


With specially tailored lessons that cater to your longboarding background, you'll find that the skills you've honed on your board will seamlessly translate onto the snow.

Melegís is a small village located in the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It is situated in the beautiful region of the Alpujarra, a mountainous area known for its stunning landscapes and traditional white-washed villages.


Melegís is situated in the Lecrín Valley, which is renowned for its fertile lands and abundant orchards with a beautiful river running through the valley. 

We chose Melegís to host our retreat because it's small population and separation from busy cities allows us to turn our attention inward and reconnect with the incredible nature around us. The surrounding mountains give us the opportunity to go hiking, swim and look closer at the nature around us. 


Local Andalusian food with fresh ingredients inspires the meals at the retreat and we will try to offer traditional dishes such as paella, gazpacho, and a variety of tapas where possible. 

Although Melegís is a small village, it is well-connected to the surrounding towns and cities. The city of Granada, famous for the stunning Alhambra palace, is approximately 30 kilometers away.

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