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Why 'Light Soul Ventures'?

Since 2020, I (Danielle) have been organizing longboarding events across the UK and Europe and I often received feedback thanking me for the joy I brought to an event.


I recognised my superpower—raising the vibration of a group, connecting people, and inspiring them.

A good friend described my spirit as a 'light soul' and from this beautiful sentiment, 'Light Soul Ventures' was born.


The mission is simple: to take people on a journey, providing experiences that lift their soul and fill them with joy.


Hi, I'm Danielle

I am a yoga teacher, techie, longboard nerd and dancer on (& off) boards ✨

My longboarding journey started unexpectedly during my 2nd year at Exeter University. From a whim skateboard purchase to self-taught tricks via YouTube (and the inevitable broken bones), my passion grew with the communities I met along the way and everywhere I went or lived, I would use my board to see beautiful places and connect with others. 


Back in the UK, during 2020 and the pandemic, I co-founded Bristol Girls Longboard. Creating this community brought so many incredible people into my life and I am so proud of what it's become.

A year later I became a Longboard Girls Crew UK Ambassador. This led to nationwide opportunities and I can proudly say that since 2022 I have also been Staff for Longboard Girls Crew globally!


A particularly proud moment has to be organising and featuring in the latest Longboard Girls Crew film, Beyond Bo(a)rders and creating our first Festival in 2023, Push Forward Fest / @pushforwardfest. This has only made me more dedicated to breaking stereotypes and championing women's involvement in longboarding.

In May 2023 I also joined the Team at Vandem Longboard Shop and Lush Longboards, 2 long-standing and respected brands in the industry 🙌 I'm particularly happy that I get to talk about longboards all day 🤸🏼‍♀️

Read more about me on my website here. 

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