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    Let's get you skating! (1:1)

    Enjoy 10% off 3 private 1 hour 1:1 longboarding classes that will get you confident in no time!
    Valid for 3 months
  • Let's get you skating! (2:1)

    Enjoy 10% off 3 private 1.5 hour 2:1 longboarding classes that will get you both confident in no time!
    Valid for 3 months
  • Group Classes For The Win!

    Book any 3 group classes for any longboard discipline for £54 (10% discount)
    Valid for 3 months

We want you to HAVE FUN, that's why we skate!

Expert, personalised instruction

Discounts on multi class bookings

Consistent progress with regular classes


"Let's Get You Skating" 3 Class Pack

Ideal for beginners and those looking to build a solid foundation.


Class 1: Foundations and Confidence

Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve, this class is tailored to your current skill level. You'll either learn how to push or start carving deeper turns. We’ll cover essential skills like foot braking and navigating obstacle courses, all while having a lot of fun! You'll also get to know the parts of the board and how to modify your ride to suit your style. Above all, we'll focus on building your confidence to take on the world on your board.


Solidify and Explore

This class is all about solidifying your skills. We'll review what you've learned so far and go for a short cruise to put it all into practice. If you prefer, this session can focus on longboard dancing and freestyle steps.


Class 2: Speed and Style

In this session, we build on what you learned in the first class and add some speed! You'll practice pushing and braking faster and taking tighter turns. We’ll introduce you to 'popping' the board, jumping on and off, and share important tips and tricks to enhance your style. You can choose to dive into some longboard dancing steps or take this session out into the real world to test out your new skills!


What's next?!

Once you have the foundations, the key is to keep skating! Your muscles and confidence will grow with each session. Remember, falling is part of the learning process, so embrace it! After mastering the basics, you can explore more advanced techniques like dancing, freestyle, pump tracks, or even sliding.

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