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Bristol's Best Longboarding Skate Spots: A Local's Guide

Updated: May 13

This is probably the most important blog post i'll write because it's the question I get asked most as co-founder of Bristol Girls Longboard and working at Vandem Longboard Shop. I know that when you first step onto a board, the next question burning in your mind is, "Where can I skate?"

I've created this handy Google Map Legend (praise be to Google!) with categories for each longboard discipline and below the map you'll find some notable spots and a bit more detail about them.

Longboard Cruising Spots

Check out the Wave as a really nice place to practice your cruising and bonus points for the sunset! Otherwise you have a bunch of great seaside spots.

A particular favourite: Bath to Bristol

Perhaps you've joined the Lush Longboards Bristol Board Meeting for MacMillan Cancer? It's a distance push for all abilities and ages from Bath to Bristol.

The route can be done at any time and it's a great challenge mentally and physically. Start at Green Park in Bath and head back to Bristol stopping at the pubs on the way! I have plotted out the route here for you, it follows the Sustrans Route No.1 Bath to Bristol - See the route here .

If you would like to join the next Bristol Board Meeting then you have all the details here (see you there!). And if you want to get in some practice then join for the Vandem Summer evening cruises.

Longboard Dance and Freestyle Spots

A few firm favourites are:

Skateable Pump Tracks Spots

We are so lucky to have the company which builds the majority of pump tracks across the planet, Velo Solutions, based in Bristol! This means we have a great selection of tracks and (weather permitting) we are often doing a different one very week.

For your first time on a pump track, you want to try Brunel Way as it's a lot smaller and more forgiving and great for getting the rhythm.

As you progress check out Hillfields and Little Stoke and up towards the likes of Cheddar!

Longboard Downhill, Freeride & Sliding Spots

The best place to learn to slide in Bristol is Ashton Court Estate.

You might notice that some of the downhill and freeride spots have peculiar names or others you've heard on the grapevine aren't mentioned at all. That's no accident, these spots are hidden treasures, known only to the initiated, kept under wraps to maintain their charm and, most importantly, to keep everyone safe. If you're itching to discover these secret spots, there's no better way than joining the local community.

Hopefully this guide helps you get started, please drop a comment below with your favourite spot or mention if you have other recommendations I've missed!

Happy skating, Danielle


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